To Appointment:

  • Time will be reserved especially for you in my schedule. I will give you my utmost attention and care and will rarely keep you waiting. An appointment scheduled in my office is a bond of trust that I will be here to serve you.
  • Your responsibility is to keep the appointment you make and be on time.

To Financial Considerations:

  • I have a responsibility to use the best professional care, skill, and judgment in helping you achieve your dental health goals. I will deliver the best dental care that I am capable of delivering to help you attain these goals.
  • Your responsibility is to make financial arrangements with my practice to pay for these services.

To Treatment:

  • Incomplete (or no treatment) can lead to unnecessary problems and complications. We believe that regular check-ups and prompt treatment ensures you maintain good oral health throughout your life. I will present treatment options and the implications so you can make informed decisions regarding your dental health care.
  • Your responsibility will be to follow through in a timely manner once you begin treatment.

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